Marcus Jansen b. 1968


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Marcus Jansen was born 1968 in Manhattan, New York City, to a West Indies mother and German Father.


Jansen was first influenced by the Graffiti and Abstract Expressionist movement from his birthplace and later by the German expressionist painters while being educated in Germany.

Jansen is a former US soldier who transformed his life to one of the leading expressive painters of his generation. He was discovered by the renowned former Museum Director of the American Vanguard Exhibitions Europe 1961, Jerome A. Donson who referred to Jansen's work as being "reminiscent of the Ash-Can School" and named him the "innovator of modern expressionism" in 2005.


Jansen's paintings have been situated between contemporary and street art elements that explore the human condition using in large gestural landscapes with abstraction as real and the real as abstract, riding lines between fact and fiction, surreal and expressive.


Related categories: City Scenes, Cityscapes and City Scenes, Enamel, Gestural, Gestural Abstraction, Large Brushstrokes/Loose Brushwork, Urbanization, The City, Multiple Styles, Mixed-Media, Painting, Mutated Bodies, Modes of Transportation, Grotesque, Dynamism, Splattered/Dripped, Human Figure, Line, Form, and Color