Art Advisory

  • CASTERLINE|GOODMAN GALLERY, specializing in post-war and contemporary art, is committed to bringing first-tier investment-grade original artworks from the 20th and 21st centuries to market.  Casterline|Goodman works as a boutique investment art firm with a strong background in the art market and art fund management.

    With a combined total of more than 30 years in the art advisory business, Robert Casterline and Jordan Goodman assist clients in all aspects of building a fine art collection. By nurturing long-term relationships, utilizing industry knowledge and a having strong presence in the global art community, Casterline|Goodman helps collectors acquire significant works of art from both established and emerging artists. Casterline|Goodman staff travels around the world, regularly exhibiting in art fairs and attending gallery openings, museum exhibitions and auctions in order to provide clientele with the most current information regarding the global art market. 



    Expertise includes:
    Buying and selling investment art  |  Personal and Corporate consultation  |  Collection management
    Current market appraisals  |  Art fund management  |  Auction house liaising  |  Art fair advisement



    COLLECTING art is a sophisticated investment that can simultaneously entertain an investor's aesthetic passion while providing them an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio. According to a 2012 Barron's article, the investment return of the art market in 2011 outperformed both the MSCI All Country World Investment Index and the S&P 500. The recent 25% growth and development of international art funds managed by boutique firms and major financial institutions serves as a broad indicator of the investment potential in the art market. Many major financial institutions are beginning to consider the art market as a solid investment option for their clients. As Deloitte stated in its 2011 Art & Finance Report: "83% of private banks consider adding art and collectibles to a portfolio strongly favorable.  78% of the private wealth managers surveyed are already offering art-related service, and 83% of the banks are expecting to outsource their art-related services in the future."
    There is a common misconception that collecting art requires a large investment. In the contemporary art world, the variety of styles, mediums, sizes, colors, prices and artists make it possible for any collector to find something they will love; and, if working with an appropriate art advisor, the piece chosen can become a strong investment. Making an informed decision to buy a work of art and knowing the right price to pay requires professional experience, careful analysis and due diligence. 
    Casterline|Goodman offers specialized advisory and curatorial services with an educational focus. They work with their clients extensively to educate them on the current market and the individual artists that interest them to learn what drives their passion for collecting art while educating them on the investment side of the market.   
    If you are interested in learning more about putting together a collection, adding to your existing collection, selling works you own, or if you are looking to understand the value of a piece that you currently own, please contact Casterline|Goodman Gallery to speak with an advisor today.