About Casterline|Goodman Gallery

Casterline|Goodman Gallery is a fine art gallery and art advisory office providing art consultation in both the primary and secondary markets.  Our expertise lies in working together with clients to understand their personal aesthetic and collecting goals in order to find works of art that fit their interests and budget. We believe that understanding the overall market is an integral part of our job as consultants, and take pride in educating our clients on the market conditions of any given artist or specific piece.


With a combined total of over 30 years in the business, Robert Casterline and Jordan Goodman assist clients in all aspects of building a fine art collection.  Casterline|Goodman's strong presence in the global art community, and deep understanding of art market conditions, auctions, and private sales, has enabled the placement of unique works in established private, corporate and institutional collections internationally. Casterline|Goodman staff travels around the world regularly exhibiting in art fairs and attending gallery openings, museum exhibitions, and auctions in order to provide its clientele with the most current information regarding the global art market. 


Working in tandem with our advisory services, we represent a select group of primary artists that we show in conjunction with established artists in Aspen, Chicago and Naples. Casterline|Goodman specializes in post-war and contemporary art but works with individuals and corporations on a vast array of styles and needs. 





Buying and selling investment art  |  Personal and Corporate consultation  |  Management of collections

Current market appraisals  |  Art fund management  |  Auction house liaison  |  Art fair advisement