"The Emotion Artist" Alexander Höller was born in 1996 in Schweinfurt, Germany. He graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 2020. Holler's unique and daring paintings present a mixture of self-portraits of an artist as a young man and ultimately as a jester holding a mask up to the world to tell it what he thinks of it - with the gesture of a silent scream, as well as abstract multi-layered, intricate color field paintings.


Alexander Höller is an international artist based in Munich. He is exhibited and known all over the world. His paintings free the viewer from mundane everyday life, release positive emotions, and transport to the viewer to a different world. A world where each human can be one with themselves. Alexander Höller manages to do just that with his EMOTION ART.


He started creating artwork at the young age of fifteen and decided to dedicate his life to art shortly before his graduation. Thanks to his artistic giftedness, he was accepted into the State Academy of Fine Arts at the request of his professors even though he didn't yet have a high school diploma. Something that is unheard of, even to date.


Alexander Höller's works of art are intended to break boundaries, to stimulate reflection through their contrasts and contradictions, and thus spark the viewer's emotions: they glow, seize the space and thus create the possibility of interpretation and inspiration. They look strong at first and delicate at second glance. Due to their versatility and complexity, the works appear spherical.


What applies to his art is also true for the artist himself. As the only EMOTION ARTIST in the world, Alexander Höller embodies the provocative rebel and rock star on the outside. When giving him a closer look you will find a multi-layered kaleidoscope.


Höller's style can be ranked as abstract expressionism. It is energetic and multi-faceted. His style is not comparable, his art is a fusion of Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and Andy Warhol. The paintings are created using only the highest quality and most exclusive colors and materials. He strives to provide something special, valuable, and personal to collectors of his work, giving a part of himself to anyone purchasing a Höller.



Installation shots