Alison Van Pelt: The Wild

15 July - 15 September 2022 Aspen | Cooper

Alison Van Pelt / Starting in Mid July 2022


Recently signed as a primary artist by Casterline|Goodman Gallery, Van Pelt's exhibition features powerful large-scale, statement paintings. The subjects of her paintings range from animals to prizefighters to celebrities, spiritual leaders, Native American warriors and heads of state. 


Van Pelt will start by referencing a photo or often a portrait of a notable subject and after drawing or painting a classic portrait, she will then blur and rebuild the portrait with oil on canvas in her well-known style. The goal of this process is to connect with her subject and humanize the subject. The result is a beautiful, purposely-degraded, mystical evocation of her subject. Her painstaking technique, with its exquisite light and shadow, layers upon layers of paint, ambiguous, yet meticulous, brush strokes, coalesced by her discipline and meditative touch, bringing out the best in her subjects.


Alison Van Pelt with two of her oil on canvas paintings. 


Raised in the open-minded climate of 1970's Los Angeles, she has been influenced by such disparate sources as Agnes Martin, Robert Rauschenberg, Paramahansa Yogananda, Helmut Newton, Dan Millman, Yayoi Kusama and Hunter S. Thompson (just to name a few). Van Pelt's work has been exhibited in solo shows at The Fresno Art Museum and The Dayton Art Institute, as well as in galleries throughout the North America and Europe, and is represented in significant public collections, such as the Armand Hammer Museum, the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, the Jumex Foundation in Mexico City, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, NASA, and the Studio Museum in Harlem. 

Van Pelt was born and raised in Los Angeles and she studied art at UCLA, Art Center, Otis Parsons and the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. She currently lives and works in Santa Monica, CA. 


For media inquiries, please contact Meredith McKee, or 303-641-3674. Please reference the photo gallery links at the top of this release. To view more artwork available at Casterline|Goodman Gallery, please visit or call 970-925-1339.