Alison Van Pelt: The Wild

15 July - 15 September 2022 Aspen | Cooper
I call this show The Wild for many reasons. I painted things I love and the one thing that connects them all is that they reflect some aspect of being wild. From wild horses to wild abandon to wild hair!  Being wild implies being uncontrolled, uninhibited, untamed; free from restraint and judgement. 

Trees, birds, and horses are found in the wild  The women I painted all feel wild to me. They’re naked and free. They’re dancing, stretching or just standing naked and natural; free from restrictions, free from shame.
It feels like a wild risk every time I destroy a perfectly good painting. I let go of control and watch the paint spread apart, hopefully taking on a new and beautiful shape. 
Blurring the paint clears away the outlines that hold an image together; it opens the painting up, making it timeless, expansive, infinite…  Usually when I blur a painting it looks ruined at first. But if I keep going, as I wipe away superficial details the image changes from static to moving, from flat to dimensional. Some parts recede deeper into the canvas and other parts emerge. The image becomes less defined, more ambiguous, and open to interpretation and completion by the viewer. It’s as if something is released when I blur  the painting, setting the image free.