Mark Acetelli: Solitude

15 December 2018 - 15 March 2019

For the winter season, the Casterline|Goodman Gallery will feature the artist Mark Acetelli with his show: Solitude.


Mark Acetelli was born in Detroit into an artistic household. Mark’s mother herself was a painter and some of his earliest memories were the smell of turpentine and oil paints. Growing up surrounded by his mothers work, she inspired and encouraged him to become an artist.


Mark’s paintings exist to awaken your sense of exploration and adventure demand a new discovery. A chemistry of complexity and spontaneity, lyrical abstraction of frenzied marks, many of which previously lay hidden, buried beneath strong layers of self-taught - expression. Those truths, first obscured and then obvious, aim to engage the viewer, allowing them to explore their own interpretation.


Mark’s paintings are inspired by the intensely personal introspective journey of life, from the ever-changing complexities of love, loss, birth and death. The context of his work he describes as, "Absence and Presence” pertaining to how someone or something can be physically gone, but the essence still remains. Capturing the physical mixed with spirituality on canvas. His application of paint is an extension of that thought process. Continuously building up and tearing down, layer upon layer, adding and subtracting; a visceral dance between the conscious and the unconscious, until the emotion is expressed.