David Yarrow: World Renowned Fine Art Photographer

15 December 2019 - 15 April 2020

Casterline|Goodman Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by world-renowned fine art photographer David Yarrow. For more than two decades, the British photographer has been putting himself in harm's way to capture immersive photography of the world's most revered and endangered species. This exhibition features a retrospective of Yarrow's spectacular work in the wild, as well as his elaborate storytelling portraiture.

Featuring over 20 of Yarrow's most iconic photographs, Yarrow's debut show at Casterline|Goodman Gallery highlights the beauty of the endangered planet and the art of narrative as conveyed by one of the most relevant fine art photographers in the world. Yarrow says: "The balance now suits my personality and has no doubt helped my creativity. Both genres can play off each other and spark ideas."

David Yarrow was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1966. He took up photography at an early age and as a 20-year-old found himself working as a photographer for The London Times on the pitch at the World Cup Final in Mexico City. On that day, David took the famous picture of Diego Maradona holding the World Cup and, as a result, he was subsequently asked to cover the Olympics and numerous other sporting events. Many years later Yarrow established himself as a fine art photographer by documenting the natural world from new perspectives.


He later moved into Wildlife photography from sport because he felt there was greater capacity to photograph the natural world in a unique way in which he could reach places and encounters that were hard to access. Photographing the wild from a close proximity, ground up perspective has also been a defining feature of David's style. In recent years, he has found his true comfort zone in capturing the animal and human world in a fresh and creative way, with philanthropy and conservation central to his passion to document. In 2018, charitable donations from the sale of David's images exceeded $2 million.