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March 1 – June 15, 2015

Ed Ruscha_Rooms, 1996 (16" x 28")-Casterline|Goodman Gallery
Ed Ruscha_Extreme, 1973 - Casterline|Goodman Gallery
Keith Haring_Untitled, 1981 (7.5" x 11") Plastic - Casterline|Goodman Gallery
Keith Haring_Untitled, 1983 (16" x 20.5") - Casterline|Goodman
Vik Muniz_Mnemonic Vehicle #1 (Ferrari Berlinetta), 2014 (30" x 23 5:8" x 48") On Box from Side -Casterline|Goodman Gallery.jpg
Bourgeois_Les Fleurs, 2009 (23.5" x 18")
Sam Francis_Untitled (SFP-85-71), 1985 (25" x 31.5") Framed - Casterline|Goodman Gallery
Jim Dine_Racing Heart, 2012 (48" x 36") Framed - Casterline|Goodman Gallery
Rauschenberg_Runt Series, 2007 (61%22 x 73%22) - Casterline|Goodman.jpg
Nara_Say Good-Bye, 1996
Joan Mitchell_Untitled, 1991 (48" x 31.5") Framed - Casterline|Goodman Gallery
Damien Hirst_Sodium Diatrizoate, 2010 (46 3:16" x 66 3:16")-Casterline|Goodman Gallery.jpg
Keith Haring, Untitled (Two Dancing Figures), 1989 (18" x 24" x 17") - Casterline|Goodman2
Ed Ruscha_Rooms, 1996 (16" x 28")-Casterline|Goodman Gallery
Sam Francis_Untitled (SFf#547), 1969-71 (36 1/4" x 42 1/8") Canvas - Casterline|Goodman Gallery


[Red]: April 2015


Casterline|Goodman Gallery presents [Red]: an exhibition that showcases paintings and sculptures by prominent artists who have incorporated the color red in their work. [Red] presents a platform for discussing and examining the role that this color depicts in art. Selected works are by artists as Louise Bourgeois, Keith Haring, Robert Rauschenberg and Ed Ruscha.

Colors are an integral aspect of modern science, psychology and art. Artists use color to convey specific emotions and transform the viewers’ moods, perceptions and behavior. Red is arguably the most striking and dramatic color, as it is associated with activity, energy, and manipulation. It is a representation of love and hate, life and death. Though the color red evokes varied feelings within the audience, the commonly shared experience is deep and powerful. 

In an effort to join in the fight against AIDS, Casterline|Goodman Gallery is donating a percentage of all exhibition sales to the (RED) charity organization.

The exhibition will be on view in April, 2015.


This experience can be emotional, spiritual and/or physical. Keith Haring’s Untitled (1981) conjures feelings of warning and distress, while Rooms (1996) by Ed Ruscha recalls the historical potency of red utilized in signage. The exhibition features such works influenced by the color red to establish a dialogue on its significance in art.


Louise Bourgeois | Jim Dine | Sam Francis | Keith Haring | Alex Katz | Barbara Kruger | Barry McGee | Vik Muniz | Yoshitomo Nara | Robert Rauschenberg | Ed Ruscha


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