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For the fourth consecutive year, Casterline|Goodman Gallery is a proud sponsor of the Aspen Art Museum’s annual ArtCrush gala event.

On Thursday, August 4th, from 6–8 PM, Casterline|Goodman Gallery will host PreviewCrush, providing refreshments and hors d'oeuvres; a sneak peak at works in the AAM’s auctions of contemporary art; and a unique opportunity to mingle with the prominent artists, art collectors, curators, gallery owners, and philanthropists from around the world here to celebrate the AAM.  

This year, events commence with WineCrush, a private party (hosted by AAM Board of Trustees co-President John Phelan and ArtCrush event Chair Amy Phelan) on August 3rd, followed by PreviewCrush on August 4th, and then culminating with the main ArtCrush gala on August 5th.

Casterline|Goodman Gallery will simultaneously show an exhibition by the artist RETNA, titled:     S P E A K E A S Y, from June 25 to September 25, 2016. Los Angeles-based artist RETNA, born in 1979, accesses spaces between text-based imagery and abstract emotive states with his mysterious lines of verse. Each block of text is a sophisticated system of hieroglyphs, calligraphy and illuminated script. With influences from Arabic, Egyptian, Hebrew, Anglo-Saxon (or Old English) and Native American typographies, RETNA’s distinctive language communicates a personal form of poetry.